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This post features GIFs of the Top 10 Flavonoids in Cannabis, showing the entire rotating molecule of each.  This ranking of the top 10 flavonoids in cannabis is based on laboratory tests of various strains, and is arranged by concentration from primary to secondary flavonoid constituents. These include flavonoids found in many plants around the world, as well as three flavonoids – the cannflavins – that to date have only been found in cannabis.

These top ten cannabis flavonoid rotating 3D molecules make it easy to determine several characteristics of each compound, including total number of carbon atoms, hydrogen atoms, and oxygen atoms, as well as bonding, double-bonds, rings and characteristics thereof, and other features that can help identify a molecule and determine its possible functions. The following are the top ten flavonoids in cannabis:

  1. Cannflavin A
  2. Cannflavin B
  3. Orientin
  4. Rutin
  5. Apigenin
  6. Quercetin
  7. Cannflavin C
  8. Puteolin
  9. Vitexin
  10. Kaempferol












These GIFs and the data used to compile this list is part of research and materials for The Big Book of Terps, by Russ Hudson , which is slated for publishing in late 2021.  To be placed on the advance order list, please use the form below:
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Russ Hudson is an international cannabis consultant and author of The Big Book of Terps – the world’s largest resource on terpenes, flavonoids, and synergy in cannabis. Russ has dedicated more than 30 years to cannabis, working with the private social clubs of Spain, and the coffeeshops and suppliers of the Netherlands, while also specializing as a cannabis licensing and regulatory expert in more than a dozen US states. Russ has been arrested and jailed for cultivation and trafficking, he has been the subject of a Vice documentary, he has written a children’s book about cannabis, and he currently researches and collaborates with the world’s leading cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid scientists.

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