GIFs – Top 10 Terpenes in Cannabis (Molecules)

This post features GIFs of the top 10 terpenes and terpenoids in cannabis, showing the entire rotating molecule of each, complete with molecular description and classification.  This ranking of the top 10 terpenes in cannabis includes a variety of monoterpenes and sesquiterpenes, but excludes diterpenes.

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Debunking Merry Jane’s Flavonoid Article

Recently, an article in Merry Jane titled “Flavonoid Found in Rare Jamaican Weed Strain Could Treat Pancreatic Cancer” was shared worldwide.  Unfortunately, although the information in this piece is misleading, it has been disseminated and swallowed without questioning by the cannabis and related industries.  In this article, Chris Moore writes for Merry Jane that;

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Standard Bias in Cannabis Laboratory Test Results

Standard bias exists at most cannabis testing laboratories, potentially skewing our knowledge of the terpene and flavonoid profiles of various cannabis strains.  Although it will be obvious in hindsight when explained, most people in the cannabis industry don’t consider laboratory standard bias when they send in samples for testing.  This is important information, so if […]

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